B.A. (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature


The BA (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature programme is a four-year full-time programmes designed to provide students with the professional training in the field of Chinese language and literature.

The objectives of the BA (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature Course are:

  1. be able to demonstrate the basic concepts and knowledge of Chinese language, literature and culture;
  2. be able to use spoken and written Chinese appropriately as the situation requires;
  3. demonstrate sound reasoning and analytical skills;
  4. be able to interpret different views, present lucid arguments and make independent judgments;
  5. be able to reflect on academic issues from a cross-disciplinary perspective;
  6. have developed an interest and habit in reading, writing, and thinking about intellectual issues in general and Chinese language and culture in particular;
  7. demonstrate independent self-learning and life-long learning initiatives.

These objectives are important as most of our graduates enter the profession of teaching, while others join cultural fields such as the mass media and translation. For those who pursue graduate studies or engage in literary creation in their free time, the above foundation is equally important.


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