Language Centre

Since its creation in 1985, the Language Centre has been striving to equip HKBU students with English and Chinese language skills (including Putonghua and Cantonese) needed for successful academic study and for functioning effectively in society and their future workplace. This mission aligns with the University’s Graduate Attribute that students should “have trilingual and biliterate competence in English and Chinese, and the ability to articulate their ideas clearly and coherently.”

The Language Centre also offers courses to help students communicate effectively in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. In addition, we endeavor to extend all HKBU’s students’ linguistic boundaries by offering a variety of courses in creative writing in English and Chinese.

In pursuing these goals, the Language Centre designs and delivers a variety of language programmes and services including:

  • Credit-bearing courses
  • Supplementary courses
  • Minor programmes
  • Writing and speaking enhancement services
  • Workshops
  • Contests
  • Independent language learning opportunities in our multi-media language laboratory

The Language Centre aims to provide a first-rate curriculum to foster skills of self-expression and self-understanding in all the languages it teaches, as well as provide the finest facilities for additional self-learning. In addition, the Language Centre conducts research and promotes staff development in order to carry out the Centre’s dual goals of providing a top-notch curriculum along with high quality learning resources to HKBU students.



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