Religion and Philosophy

The Department of Religion and Philosophy of Hong Kong Baptist University was founded in 1962. It offers a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Religious Studies Programme, and M.Phil. as well as Ph.D. programmes for postgraduate study in the fields of religious studies, ethics and philosophy. It also offers a self-financed M.A. in Ethics and Public Affairs (MAEPA) programme. The Department also runs a large number of General Education courses with good reputation. Our colleagues are also responsible for two research centres, namely, the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies and the Centre for Applied Ethics.

The Department has dedicated to the promotion of the teaching and research of religion in Hong Kong for many years. We have developed a curriculum that encompasses both Chinese and Western religions, as well as including relevant philosophical and social science studies aiming at enhancing our intellectual and cultural understandings of different religious traditions. Collectively, our colleagues demonstrate a threefold expertise in religious studies, ethics and philosophy. Such expertise is also reflected in their great diversities of research interests and the broad range of courses offered by our colleagues.

The Department intends to nurture our students to be caring and sensible graduates with rational and humanistic value concern. The Department emphasizes the development of students’ abilities in independent critical thinking, value analysis and self-reflection skills, and encourages them to be analytical to the impacts and influences of current issues from moral, social, and religious perspectives. Through self-reflection and critical reasoning on local and global issues, our students will be well-equipped to become good world citizens possessing critical mind and high moral standard.

With the implementation of the 3-3-4 new education curriculum, the Department is also offering Double Major Programmes in which students can choose to declare their major either in Religious Studies and Chinese, or Religious Studies and English.

Furthermore, the Department is dedicated to promoting the values embraced in Religion and Philosophy to all undergraduates within Baptist University, as well as to the general public. By providing school talks for secondary schools every year, we aspire to transfer sound knowledge as well as critical study methods on important topics to secondary school students, thus elevating their intellectual and social awareness of issues relating to their study and their future career and well-being. In doing so, the department seeks to instill in the youths of our society the basic beliefs and core values Hong Kong society has persistently treasured and upheld.


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